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hey everyone, well, as most of you have read on iris's journal (yea, she made one...jk iris!), we've broken at least one person/team into every category in awesome is that?!?!?!yea, we got our full team and what-not which totally what is it, 4 people to make our ambassador team?oh, we can so do it!
in addition...i called art's phone a while ago and vero answered....i just heard some muffled sounds and in between dhvbfsWE_WONvhfbgh. omg....we won?is that correct?omfg, thats way too rad for,just making a confirmation text to art to see if its for reals....*waits patiently*....
..............this is taking a while, why is it taking a while? texts fast....*bites nails*.......................

*lil blue (my phone) lights up*
its art.....
heres the text.....
"yes ma'am.1st in mock,extemp,and oratory.All state in cx and adjudication, and 2nd in cultural historial exhibit.Brian got all state and most improved."
wow....i swear tears are in my eyes, these kids have come so far.
hooray for them!!!3rd year in a row with our win in southwest (is it more than 3 yrs and i just dont know?)
well tomorrow is sunday training for the last batch.gonna make some mean green debating machines!i heart el paso!
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