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Europe neone??

hiya everyone!                                                                                                                                               long time no see to some of ya,

neone intrested in spending 9 days in Europe this summer?!?! seeing the sights of spain and france?? w/out your parents dragging you around? haha...neways I know this post doesn't exactly pretain to NHI but i thought id see if ne of u guys r intrested in going to Europe this summer! Its going to be alot of fun and if anybody thinks they wold like to go or just check it out the web site is etravjourneys.com  and the code to get into the site is Kendrick2005 my spanish teacher is the one "leading" the group but it is open to anyone/anyage/from anyschool and even to family members too...basicly neone who is willing to pay and intrestend in traveling...

well thought id just share this info w/all u guys incase some one has been dieing to get off the continent...lmao


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