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Honestly, I’m still a bit torn about not winning Nationals because I really think we should have. I find myself thinking about it and new arguments and I’m like: why didn’t I think of that then?! Hmm it hurts. But at least I got to cry it out. I miss everyone so much. It ended way too fast! Ouch. As much as I may debate with myself, I honestly think I had more fun at Nats than in Corpus. However I must admit Ramon did come to mind a few times. Aww we had fun in Corpus, I think. Despite that I had an “uber cool” time (as MiN likes to say). Roxann and I got our pictures from Nats and they’re awesome! Do many good pictures but I regret not having enough pics of people from other regions… haha it’s mostly ELP people. OMG what a loser I am. I can’t believe I’m still talking about it. It was so awesome, and I think about it everyday. Wowzers! Lol and there were so many hott hott boys! Whoo who. Haha. I just hope everyone keeps in touch. I have yet to email everyone. So If I haven’t, no worries. Hey Ivan, what’s ur email? Well now I’m babbling. Tehehe um everyone take care and ttyl.
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